The first online casino landed in the market in 1996. Since then, the gambling industry has experienced tremendous change. You can visit to see some of the modern casino games available. What are some of the features available on moden online casinos? Read more here!

Use of Cryptocurrency

Technology advancement brought a lot of changes in how we work in day to day activities. The banking industry has not left out. Gone are the day's people could rely only on banking. There different financial service providers who joined to bring more convenience. They include;

  1. Skrill
  2. Paypall
  3. Paysafecard
  4. Neteller

Such e-wallets also have the option of using cryptocurrency. The most common one is bitcoin. Since its introduction in 2009, bitcoin has gained a lot of audiences. Both players and casino owners prefer to use bitcoin since it gives them good security and anonymity.


Availability of Mobile Casinos

Initially, all online casino gambling was done on computers. However, with technological advancement, the mobile phone gained the ability to replace computers in performing different tasks. Online casino industry was not left out. The producers have rushed out to maximize the capability of mobile devices.

Casino software producing companies have optimized most of their games to run on mobile devices. It is easy with the use of HTML 5. Mobile casinos enable players to spin the game without any issue with user interface. You can also find various stand-alone mobile casinos online.

Multiple Screen Slots

When you are playing on live casinos, you are limited to playing one game at a time. Shifting to another game will require you to quit the first game. Online casinos brought the ability to play more than one game at the same time.

Most advanced casinos have the option of playing different games on one screen. It is known as multi-tabling. Playing different games at the same time boosts your concentration level and also increases your winning ability. Multi-tabling is possible in both slots and table games.

Use Licensed Games

There is nothing that attracts a big audience than a game that is designed with an inbuilt audience. Such games use a theme that displays a popular character of an existing story. Some of the most popular games where the inbuilt audience is displayed includes;

  • Hansel and Gretel from NetEnt studio.
  • Thunderstruck from Microgaming studio.
  • Marvel Comic from Playtech studio.

Most of those games use a hairstyle that is known by a lot of audiences across the world. When people are playing in such games, they do feel like they are part of the story. For any competitive casino, there must be some licensed games.

Live Dealer Casinos

Initially, people could play in live casinos. There was a high rate of interaction between players and dealers. Online casinos joined the market to bring more convenience. People could now access the casino games of their choice at the comfort of their seats at home.

However, the lack of interactivity in online casinos made the players have a nostalgic feeling towards live casinos. That is why online casino producers developed a live dealer casino to address such issues. Live dealer games brigs different aspects of physical casinos such as availability of live dealer.