Welcome to J.R.R. Tolkein's Middle Earth, as viewed by myself and a few select individuals who have participated in this shared dream as active characters, who assume a role or alter identity and live out these cerebral lives within the confines of the text you see here. Though much of this campaign is written in story form, it is in fact based on a role-playing game called Rolemaster, produced by Iron Crown Enterprises Inc. The actual players come and go and this game is produced rather infrequently, but the underlying story remains the same. Because these entries deal with a game, much of what is written will not be understood by someone unfamiliar with roleplaying.

Since the history of Tolkein's Middle Earth, or Endor, is vast and epic, I decided that it would be fun to be able to witness the happening of this vivid world in its different ages. So, I constructed a plot contrivance that would allow this to happen. Basically, players are members of a quest and have been chosen by one of the Valar, beings with near godlike powers, by the name of Namo. He is also known as Mandos, which is also the place of his dwelling; where his Queen Vaire weaves a tapestry of time, a recording of all of the happenings of creation. Because so much of the history of Endor is full of tragedy and the dictums of fate, Vaire is a sad Valar indeed. And the link to this in the game is that the memories of the players, who witness the events of their lives seeded throughout the ages of Endor are used by Queen Vaire to weave her tapestry of time. It is an abstract concept that need not be understood, just accepted. Enjoy your visit. I hope it is an enjoyable one for you, John K.


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