Chapter 3: Imtarumbar


As most of the party converses, trying to form a plan of action, Ranciryon jumps past the breach in the wall, sword in hand, yelling "Numenor! Numenor!" and rushes for the bonfire, just as Tirion launches an arrow.
The unarmoured goblins are very surprised and Tirion's arrow finds its mark in the goblin that is holding the child. The goblin takes a solid blow and drops the child onto the flames. Startled, the all goblins turn about and face a volley of arrows as the rest of the party scrambles to action, though no other arrow finds its mark. Ranciryon, rushing forward, tries to knock the wounded goblin aside, but it ducks under his tired blow and flees after its screaming fellows into the night.
Ranciryon then plunges his hands into the flames, plucking the baby from the fire and plunging it into the snow on the ground as other party members rush forward. A few wayward shots toward the fleeing goblins brings no results.
Examining the babe, Ranciryon finds that it is unharmed, though tired and loudly crying. Other party members crowd around to view the baby boy.
It is starting to snow very hard and a bitter wind picks up once again when out of the swirling snow walks a tall peredhil (half-elf), sword in hand pushing the wounded goblin before him. It quivers and begs for mercy at your feet.
The peredhil introduces himself as Kal. He too, it seems, was drawn to the fire and viewed the goblins from another breach in the wall. Before he could act, the party's actions drove the goblins toward him, and though he was too slow to catch the other imps, the wounded one was slow and demoralized and surrendered as he presented himself.

In the distance, your eyes wander over the mansion. It offers the only source of shelter that you have yet found from the building storm. To your left, a separate annex can only dimly be seen, it's tall spires suggesting a temple, perhaps built to the glory of Eru. Graves and sepulchers dot the land around the annex and this place is set aside by another low stone wall topped by an black, probably iron, fence.
Looking back to the main house itself, you can see that is rests upon a high foundation of stonework and running along the building on it's western and southern sides, which are all you can see, runs a continuous patio, or walkway that fronts the place. Numerous doors seem to offer access to the house, but the main entrance seems to be two broad double doors on the southern side. On the northwest corner, nearest the annex and graveyard, and offset from the house itself is a tall room, seemingly made of entirely of framed glass, now cast in darkness.
Along the western face of the house, a dim light, as if from a candle, can be seen as it appears through the windows, as if someone was walking along an outer corridor. Taurvantar is off, stalking through the snow, intent upon making for the light. This is all you can see as clouds swallow up the stars and moon and a bitter wind once again bites at your skin.

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