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Fantasy Sites:


Graphics & Artists' Sites:

Goodsell, Matthew
Guggenheim Museum Home Page
Indecent Images
Gargoyles & Grotesques - Carved in Stone
Goblin Design
Art by the Brothers Hildebrandt
Thompson, Tim
Timid Textures
Vision Artworks Home Page
Zhao's Art Gallery-Fallows


Links of Historical Interest:

The 1971 India-Pakistan War
Ancient City of Athens
Ancient World Web
Bibliography of Women in Byzantium
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents
The Labyrinth
Medieval Sourcebook
Old English Pages
The Online Medieval & Classical Library
Roman Art & Architecture
Roman Empire
The Roman Empire
Titanic & Other White Star Ships


Miscellaneous Sites:

Apple Computer
Cat Fanciers Web Site
Chocalatier Recipe Index
Dinolinks: Dinosaurs on the Web
Earth & Moon Viewer
Endangered Species Chocolate Company
Erik's Maps & QTVRs
Gaelic & Gaelic Culture
House of Donna Karan
Museum of Science and Industry
National Geographic Online
The WWW Virtual Library: Archive X, Paranormal Phenomena


Personal Homepages:



Play by E-mail Games (PBeM)

Greg Lindahl's PBM Page
Irony Games PBeM List
Macray's Keep


Santa Cruz Area Links:

Mission Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Circle Trails
Santa Cruz Mining Company
Santa Cruz Mountains QTVR Map
Santa Cruz Wharf
U.C.S.C./Dream Inn Camera


Science Fiction Sites:

Babylon 5


Trading Card Sites:

Wizards of the Coast


Wargame Sites

Web-Grognards: the site for wargames on the web


World of Darkness Links:

B.J. Zanibar's World of Darkness Page
German Changeling Legends
The Happy Goth's Homepage
Highlander: The Official Site
The Malkavian Embassy
The Maltese Changeling Page (chronicle)
Patman's World of Darkness Page
Ring of Darkness Homepage (next site/random site/previous site/full site list)
The Symposium
Troll's MasqNet
Verdun Manor - A Haunted House
White Wolf


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