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(When completed, this site will feature several scenario outlines, vehicle and ordnance listings, new unit types and a chronology of scenario settings - all for the Spanish Civil War, using Advanced Squad Leader Rules. Information here is mostly in outline form, or in its initial rudimentary stages. If you would like to work on any material here to further develop it for the use of others, or if you find errors or corrections, please contact John Kim. Reproduction and use of this material must be accompanied by the credits for myself and anyone else listed as having worked on that particular segment. With that stipulation, these materials are provided for the enjoyment and use of the ASL community. Good games to you all.)

Special Units For the Spanish Civil War

Spanish Charactertistics & Unit Substitution

Chronology of War:

Scw 38: A Tough Nut
Scw 42: Not Even One
Scw 43: A Bloody Nothing

Spanish Vehicle & Ordnance Notes

Scenario Notes, part 1: July 18, 1936-March 18, 1937

Scenario Notes, part 2: March 31, 1937-April 5, 1938

Scenario Notes, part 3: June 14, 1938-March 9, 1939

Summary of Major Campaigns & Offensives



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